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Loota - All bike components in a box

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Don't want to go through the hassle of ordering bike components for your Pässilä Bicycles frame from somewhere else? That's just fine, meet our newest product, Loota - Bike components in a box. All the bike components you need build up your complete Pässilä Bicycles bike.

We've selected our favorite bike components for you to choose from depending on your Pässilä Bicycles frame, your budget and the type of riding you prefer.

Just choose one of the super nice SRAM Eagle Dub groupsets (mandatory in every order) and all other components you may need. You can get them all or select just the ones you need. All components in Loota are same color (mostly black and grey) as in the photos above. We have also wheel sets for you so you can complete your bike!

The delivery time of Loota is about 2-3 weeks.

VAT is included in the price.

We currently ship only to member countries of the European Union. All shipments inside EU are taxed with Finnish VAT 24% and are delivered without additional duties.

Shipping options: Pick up @ Pässilä Bicycles if you live near by or Finnish postal service Posti shipping world wide.

If you have any questions and cannot find the answer here or our FAQ page, feel free to contact us.