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Hamari 29 | 27.5+ Chromoly Enduro and Trail Bike

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The first production batch of Pässilä Bicycles Hamari frames and complete bikes are now available for pre-order. The production has started and Hamari deliveries are estimated to begin in September 2020. Hamari frames are hand built in Taiwan by ORA Engineering Ltd. of quality butted and heat treated 4130 chromoly steel tubing.  

Specs and Geometry   Complete Bike Build


Hamari name comes from the trusted tool of the old blacksmiths of our home town. Hamari was a watermill powered hammer which the blacksmiths used for forging the red glowing metal against their anvils.

Inspired by the old blacksmith craftsman work we wanted to design an incredible hardtail frame using the traditional bicycle frame material, chromoly steel. We decided to give it also a paint job it deserves: The Red Ochre color of Hamari is the same the blacksmiths used for painting their workshops.

With the proven geometry of it's Pässilä titanium sibling and the great characteristics of quality steel, Pässilä Bicycles Hamari will be your trusted tool too. It will blow your mind right on the first ride and never stop.

Hamari is available as a frame or a complete bike with top components. Check the specs and geometry above. In the images you can find finalized cad drawings of each frame size.

Shipments inside EU are taxed with Finnish VAT 24% and are delivered without additional duties. VAT is included in the prices you see here. If ordering from outside of EU, please contact us first.

All our frames have  5 year warranty. Pässilä Bicycles Häive wheels and other components have one year warranty. Please check out our warranty and crash replacement policy.