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MRP Ribbon 150 mm 29"/27.5+ Forks

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Complete your Pässilä Bicycles Rämäkkä bike with award-winning MRP Ribbon suspension forks. MRP Ribbon all-mountain and enduro forks feature stout 35mm chassis, twin-tube dampers, and either the highly-adjustable FulFill™ air-spring or a high-performance coil-spring system. All MRP suspension forks are hand-assembled in Colorado, USA.

Both models feature internally adjustable travel. Ribbon Air is adjustable from 120 to 160 mm and Ribbon Coil from 140 to 160 mm. The Ribbon Coil comes with soft, medium and firm springs included. Extra-soft and extra-firm available separately. Pinkbike has awarded the air-sprung Ribbon as suspension product of the year and Ribbon Coil has received rave reviews.

Pässilä Bicycles offers MRP Ribbon 29 and MRP Ribbon Coil 29 forks with 150 mm travel, 51 mm offset, QR 15x110 axle and orange decals. The fork can quite easily be internally modified from 120 up to 160 mm travel: Ribbon Setup video, Ribbon Coil Setup video. Other offsets (41 mm and 46 mm) are available by request with possibly longer shipping times. Other decal colours are also available separately.

The delivery time of MRP Ribbon forks is about 3-5 weeks.

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