Can I email or call you if I have any questions?

  • Of course you can, we'll be very happy to help you. Please check the Contact us page for more details.

Where are Pässilä Bicycles frames, forks and components designed and manufactured?

  • All our frames and forks are designed by us in Nopankylä, Finland and manufactured in mainland China by our selected partner in titanium frame fabrication. The frames and forks have been carefully tested by the manufacturers quality assurance and by us personally.
  • All our wheelsets are designed and manufactured in mainland China by our selected partner in carbon fiber design and manufacturing. The wheelsets have been carefully tested by the manufacturers quality assurance and by us personally. 

What material are your frames made of?

  • Our frames and forks are made of so called Grade 9 Titanium (Ti Al3-2.5V) which is a commonly used tubing material in e.g. aerospace industry.

What are your payment options?

  • We can accept all major credit and debit cards. All payments to us are made using Finnish Paytrail payment provider. We use Paytrail to provide easy and secure payment transactions for you and to prevent fraudulent payments in our web store. Paytrail provides security for you and for us. For more information please read our Conditions for Payments

Do you ship worldwide?

  • At the moment we only ship to member countries of the European Union. The countries are listed in the Country-dropdown list when you add your shipping address during checkout. We will be adding more countries later on.
  • We use the Finnish postal service Posti for shipping.
  • You will receive tracking code by email once your order has been shipped.
  • Shipping fees are calculated for you during the checkout process.
  •  All shipments inside EU will be taxed with Finnish VAT 24% and are delivered without additional duties.

How long are your delivery times?

  • Our products are built to order for each customer so our delivery times are longer than on many other bicycle manufacturers web stores. But they're  worth the wait, we can assure you. Delivery times may vary depending on the manufacturing queue but here are our best estimates:
  • For frames about 8 weeks
  • For wheelsets about 4-6 weeks
  • For forks about 4 weeks
  • During the delivery period we will keep you regularly updated via email about the progress of the delivery.

What kind of warranty you offer for your products?

 What size frame is right for me?

  • Our recommended rider heights for different frame sizes are:
  • Size S 160-170 cm
  • Size M 170-180 cm
  • Size L 180-190 cm

    Which bottom brackets are compatible with your frames?

    • We have two different bottom bracket types to choose from:
    • 73 mm BSA threaded bottom bracket. Note that 2.8 inch plus size tire is the maximum width with this bottom bracket.
    • BB92 PressFit bottom bracket. To use 3.0 inch plus size tire, this bottom bracket type is required.

    Which seat posts are compatible with your frames?

    • All our frames use seat tubes with inner diameter of 31,6 mm. This is a popular seat post diameter so you can find normal and dropper posts of every kind that will fit our frames.
    • Rämäkkä frames come always equipped with stealth (inside the tubing) dropper seat post cable routing.
    • Kytö frames have the option to include stealth dropper post cable routing for no extra charge.

    Which head sets are compatible with your frames?

    • All our frames use a tapered head tube that accept inset headsets. For top you need ZS44 mm and for bottom you need ZS56 mm.

    What type of brake mounts and brake rotor sizes are compatible with your frames?

    • All our frames use post mount type brake calibers and the minimum rotor size for our hardtail frames is 160 mm and the maximum is 203 mm.

    What is included with the frame? 

    • The titanium frame, an aluminum rear axle and a titanium seat post collar are included in the frame price. And lots of something else and fun times in the woods, of course :D