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MRP Ribbon Air SL 29" 120 - 130 mm suspension fork

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The Ribbon SL suspension fork is designed for trail, down country and cross country use. When you order it from us it comes with army green MRP decals, in 120 mm travel and 46 mm offset. The fork travel is internally adjustable to 130 mm. The Ribbon SL is a perfect couple for Pässilä Juntu or Kytö titanium frame.

The Ribbon SL is a short-travel specific version of the award-winning Ribbon. By limiting the travel to 130mm max MRP were able to lighten the chassis and reduce the oil volume in the damper. With some additional tweaks, They managed to get the Ribbon SL weight to just 1.78 kg/3.95 lbs.
* Outcast arch design with forward-facing weight reliefs to mitigate mud build up and deliver a distinctive look.
* PSST™ pressure-relief valves that quickly and easily bleed off excess pressure in the lowers caused by elevation and temperature changes.
* New bladder-free damper utilizing a low-pressure IFP.
* Independently adjustable positive and negative air-chambers for greater tunability.
* Adjustable internal volume with Huck Puck system.
* "Boost" spacing and 35mm stanchions.

For more details, head over to https://mrpbike.com/products/ribbon-sl